The Team

Our research is highly multidisciplinary and group members are typically individuals with a background in physics, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, and chemistry.


Prof. Yael Hanein

Lab Director

Yael Hanein is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv University, VP of scientific affairs at Nano Retina, and CTO and founder at X-trodes. In the past, she conducted research at the Weizmann Institute (MSc and Ph.D. in Physics), Princeton University (visiting student), and at the University of Washington as a post-doc fellow. Her research field is neuro-engineering, focusing on developing wearable electronics and bionic vision. More info: [Google Scholar] [Researcher ID] [ORCID] [Wiki (Hebrew)] [AcademiaNet] [Full CV]


Moshe David Pur

Lab Engineer

Moshe leads the process development in the lab. He holds a BSc degree from BGU and MSc degree from TAU.

Sara Akirov

Admin Specialist

Lab administration. 


Ieva Verbaite-Adereth

PhD student

Ieva Vėbraitė-Adereth is a Ph.D. candidate at the School of Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv University, under the supervision of Prof. Yael Hanein. Her current research interests include novel materials for retinal tissue stimulation and electrode to tissue adhesion. She finished her first degree in Molecular biology at Vilnius University, Lithuania. Ieva conducted her MSc research on improving recording and stimulating electrodes by silk and single protein 1 at Hebrew University.


Aaaron Gerston

Research Assistant

Aaron holds an MSc degree in biomedical engineering. His specialty is leveraging biomedical signals from wearables to make personalized inferences about mental health. He is currently working on ambulatory EEG and multi modal recordings.

Liraz Gat

Research Assistant

Liraz has a BSc degree in Biomedical Engineering from TAU. She is currently working on sEMG recordings of facial expressions at high resolution, sEMG detection of FOG, and a non-invasive approach for EOG.

Shikun Liu

Master Student

Shikun has a BSc degree in EE from TAU. Her current research interest: Facial expressions and multi-modal recording under stress.


Post-docs and researchers


Dr. David Rand, Researcher

Research: Bio-mimetic retina implant


Dr. Neomi Singer, Post-doc

Research: Neuro modulation with wearable electronics 

Moti Ben-David, 2004-2007
Position: Lab engineer
After: KLA-Tencor


Dr. Dorit Raz-Prag, Researcher
Research: Retina stimulation


Dr. Inbal Friedler
Position: Post-doc (With Dr. Koby Scheuer and Prof. Amir Boag)
Research: Nano antenna


Dr. Soumyendu Roy

Position: Post-doc
Research: carbon nanotube synthesis for bio-sensing

Past PhD students

Dr. Tamir Gabay, 2003-2008
Position: Ph.D student (With Prof. Ben-Jacob, Physics TAU)
Research: Carbon nanotube interfaces for neuronal systems
Next: TAU


Dr. Assaf Yaakobovitz, 2008-2012

Position: Ph.D. student (With Dr. Krylov, ME TAU)
Research: CNT and MEMS

Next: Tenure track position at BGU, Israel.


Dr. Mark Shein, 2008-2012 

Position: Ph.D. student (With Prof. Ben-Jacob, Physics TAU)

Research: Engineered neural networks

Next: Tenure track position at TAU, Israel.


Dr. Maurizio De Pittà, 2008-2013

Position: Ph.D. student (With Prof. Ben-Jacob, Physics TAU)

Research: Neuro-glia models

Next: Post-doc, University of Chicago


Dr. Lilach Bareket 
Research: Skin electrodes for EMG and EEG

Next: Postdoc at the University of Sydney

Yoav Blau, Ph.D. student 2015-2020

Research: MIM based nano rectenna

Next: Tunefork


Lilah Inzelberg, Ph.D. student 2015-2019

Research: Towards electronic recording of emotions

Now: X-trodes

MSc students

Eyal Jakobs, 2003-2005
Research: Gel-based bio-MEMS
Next: Modem engineer, ASOCS Ltd


Daniel Kießling, 2005-2006
M.Sc. student (Friedrich Alexander Universität, Germany)
Research: CNT and PNT based devices
Next: PhD student, Friedrich Alexander Universität, Germany


Nir Sopher, 2004-2007
Research: Nanotube channels.
Next: Software Engineer, Cisco Systems Inc


Dr. Ze'ev Abrams, 2004-2007
Research: Carbon nanotube networks
Next: PhD student, UC Berkeley, CA USA


Dr. Raya Sorkin, 2005-2008
Research: Engineered neural networks
Now:Senior Lecturer, TAU


Dr. Alon Greenbaum, 2006-2008
Research: CNT MEA

Next: Tenure track position at USC, USA.


Dr. Orly Liba (Levi), 2005-2008
Research: Carbon nanotube simulator
Next: Google, USA


Moran Horesh, 2008-2009
Research: BioSensors
Next: Wireless communications engineer at Intel


Asaf Shoval, 2007-2009
Research: CNT MEA
Next: PhD student, TAU


Gabriel Karp, 2008-2010

Position: M.Sc. student
Research: Carbon nanotube networks

Next: Meprolight LTD, Israel


Dr. Nitzan Herzog, 2009-2012

Research: Live imaging of cells

Next: General Motors, Israel


Giora Beit Yaakov, 2010-2013 

Research: Artificial retina


Yoni Kantarovsky, 2012-2014

Research: CNT based nano rectenna

Next: Tower Semiconductors


Lital Bar-Dea,  2012-2014

MSc student (with Prof. Slava Krylov)

Research: CNT based MEMS sensors

Next: Nano Retina


Gilad Wallach, 2012-2014 

Research: Glia-neuron interactions in neuronal circuits

Next: Intel


Gur Lubin, 2013-2016

MSc student (with Prof. Ori Cheshnovsky)

Research: Optical activation of neurons

Next: PhD student at the Weizmann Institute


Yamin Bar-El, 2015-2017

Research: Glia-neuron communication under the effect of neuro modulators

Omer Granoviter, 2017-2019 

Research: Microexpressions recordings with surface EMG

Stas Steinberg, 2018-2020

Research: High-density sEMG recordings from the forearm

Next: X-trodes


Shiran Shustak, MSc student

Research: Sleep home monitoring using EEG, EOG, EMG dry electrodes


Past undergraduate students

Itsik Kalifa,2003-2006, Position: Undergraduate + M.Sc. student
Research: Carbon nanotube FET sensors.
Next: R&D Engineer, ElMul technologies


Yaron Ram, 2006-2007
Research: CNT based microfluidic sensor
Next: IDF


Tami Zilberman, 2005-2006
Research: Plasma deposition
Next: Texas Instruments


Ofer Geva, 2005-2006
Research: CNT
Next: IBM


Lisa Ezra, 2005-2006

Research: micro stencils
Next: Intel


Gur Amibar, 2006-2007

Research: Environmental chamber for neurons
Next: IDF


Jon Donner, 2007-2008
Research: nano antennas
Next: Graduate student, ICFO, Spain


Oren Tadmor, 2008-2009
Research: Environmental chamber for neurons
Next: IDF


Aviv Shalgi, 2011-2012

Research: characterizing CNT neuro-electrodes.


  • Dr. Gerard Cummins, Heriot-Watt University (2019, UK-Israel Science Lectureship Grants)

  • Prof. Maarten De Vos, Oxford University (2018, UK-Israel Science Lectureship Grants)

  • Prof. Myung-Han Yoon, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technolgy (Korean-ERC travel grant, 2015)

  • Dr. Vini Gautam, JNC Bangalor, Visiting PhD student (2013)

  • Dr. Ramona Samba, NMI, Germany (2013)


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