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Brain Scans


Research in the lab concerns with neuro-technology and neuro-engineering. Our main focus in recent years was on artificial retina and skin electronics

Our research activity focuses on the use of systems in micro and nano dimensions for uses in the world of neural engineering. We develop devices, and characterization methods with the goal of understanding and improving the interface between electronic systems and the nervous system. The overarching goal of the activity is to develop technologies that will enhance the world of neural implants. 

The field of neural engineering is broad and touches on many technologies. In particular, micro-electrodes for neuronal activation is a field of dramatic importance for applications such as hearing and artificial vision as well as the study of neural systems. Despite great progress in the field, there are great challenges we are trying to tackle from a combination of disciplines and fields. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the neuronal activation world, a diverse activity takes place in the laboratory that extends to a variety of related topics, including both MEMS and electro-optical devices.

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