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Past Media Coverage

Here is a list of past media coverage

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  • Organic printing inks may restore sight to blind people (May 2018)

  • Electronic Tattoo Could Allow Emotions to be Mapped (June 2016)

  • Protecting satellite electronics with reinforced carbon nanotube films (NanoWerk, November 2014)

  • Carbon nanotube film restores light sensitivity to blind retinas (, November 2014)

  • Projecting a three-dimensional future based on nanoantennas (ScienceDaily, July 2014)

  • Moonshot Projects Just Crazy Enough to Work (PC magazine, Februrary 2014)

  • Researchers define brain's neural hierarchy (EETimes, July 2011)

  • Understanding the Human Neurosystem by Researching Locust Brains (ScienceDaily, Jan 2011)

  • Will scientists soon be able to read our minds? (, May 2010)

  • Seeing a Bionic Eye on Medicine's Horizon (ScienceDaily, March 2010)

  • A more sensitive sensor (AFTAU, March 2010)

  • Integrating nanotube-based NEMS into large scale MEMS (nanowerk, July 2009)

  • Topography of carbon nanotubes confers better adhesive properties (, March 2009)

  • Peptide nanotubes join the device club (, Jan 2008)

  • Nanotechnology Circuit Board (nanowerk, November 2007)

  • Cross-Circuiting to Nanotubes (Scientific American, November 2007)

  • Nanocircuits made easy (Royal Society of Chemistry, October 2007)

  • Toward Next-generation Integrated Circuits Made From Carbon Nanotubes (ScienceDaily, October 2007)

  • Making Neurons Remember (, August 2007)

  • A brain on a chip (IEEE spectrum, June 2006)

  • Neurons self-organise to make brain chips (NewScientist, June 2006)

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